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Welcome to LakeVue Aeronautics, LLC, the maker of replacement folding jump seats for your Cessna 170-185.

LakeVue Aeronautics, LLC is proud to manufacture the first and most widely used folding seats for Cessnas!  Over 860 seats are in use by satisfied customers.   You can choose between passengers or cargo space in less than a minute.  The aircraft empty weight goes down and the utility of your Cessna goes up.  Just ask an owner who has a set.  We guarantee our product.


FAA Design Approval for seat belt attach hardware for older Cessna models has been included in the STC.   

Wide-Body 182s are included in the STC.  

The Approved Model List has been updated to include ALL 172s and ALL 182s through new production. 

Upholstry available commercially or your local option.


For additional information, contact Denny at text or call (712) 320-9751

Mailing address:

  LakeVue Aeronautics LLC

24982 182nd St. 

Spirit Lake, Iowa  51360